jumping off a building

by father figure



father figure is tommy, miles, and parker

this was recorded in denton by michael briggs of civil recording co (civilrecording.com) in denton, texas. he is the best dude ever and you better recognize.

donovan ford did some vocals on "maybe i'm upset. no. wait. definitely"

daniel mitchell did some vocals on "this is my attempt at an apology"

all songs written by father figure.
sample from the breakfast club, and they own that. ally sheedy rules


released February 27, 2013



all rights reserved


father figure Denton, Texas

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Track Name: what the hell is on jonny's head?
i wish something would kill me because i'm too scared to do it myself
Track Name: death is my way out (d.i.m.w.o.)
i am getting lost in daydreams. sometimes i feel like my brain is too weak and one day my concept of reality will break and i will collapse into my own mind and everything i know and everything i see and believe will be controlled by the one person who hates me most and i'm so fucking scared.
Track Name: mean girls ripoff
last night i dreamt that we were alone in a pitch black room where your bright gray eyes were the only source of light. i have never seen anything so beautiful. but when i woke up you weren't breathing. i've never been as scared as when i put my ear to your chest. i felt more than just relief when my panic was eased by your heart beat. that's when i knew that i loved you.
Track Name: maybe i'm upset, no, wait, definitely.
every part of my life up to this point has been a disappointment to you and i can barely handle it. so what's the point of going on? i think we'd all be much happier if i were dead. i don't see the point in waiting around for the inevitable. there is no purpose. there is no reason to live. i need you to know that i'd change everything if i could to be the person you always wanted me to be.

miles: i don't have time to dwell on the idea that things could get better. they'll never get better.
Track Name: this is my attempt at an apology
i've spent each day since you left trying to forgot, but all the memories came rushing back when i saw where we carved our names into the cement. you probably hate me now, i know i do. i became obsessed with the image i created and that wasn't fair to you. i fall apart anytime you come around, and i'm sorry for how that must have made you feel. i should have looked through your point of view to see what it's like to have a piece of shit fall for you. so this is my attempt at an apology. i'm sorry.