by father figure



father figure is tommy, miles, and parker

guest vocals on "the side of me i hope you'll never see" done by daniel mitchell, the real dawg.

all songs written by father figure and
recorded by michael briggs in denton, tx.


released February 23, 2012



all rights reserved


father figure Denton, Texas

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Track Name: royal pain is ramona flowers
quit staring and move on with your life. i'm not the person you think i am, so let go. i guess i never really knew you.
Track Name: the side of me i hope you'll never see
did you ever think that maybe the reason no one can touch you is because you're not all there. the lights are off upstairs. you think you're leading the pack, but you're just that far behind. who am i to say? i'm just as useless as you are, but at least i know it. instead of parading around pretending that i'm important. i'm just feeling like there's no point to any of this. so what's left to do but give up? i think it's pretty obvious i've given up.
Track Name: hugh jazz
i'm so used to giving up, so why can't i let you go? i'll never deserve you.
Track Name: hot wads to stop the bleeding
miles- i found a home, true to myself, affirming my purpose.

parker- i've never felt this much support in my whole life, but i know that all my friends hate me because i can't accept any nice thing they say. what the fuck's wrong with me? i dont want to do this anymore, but my crippling fear of death is keeping me alive. i just want to feel better about myself and my actions, but i'm a perfectionist who will never be perfect so things aren't looking good for me.

tommy- your hands so cold, eyes dry, seeking your forgiveness
Track Name: mary 'wrestlemania' spuckler
the best way to find out if something is right is to try and prove it wrong. i don't know what to believe, please someone tell me. i grew up thinking i knew something, but that all changed. you all changed and i stayed the same. i swear i stayed the same. i lost my faith while she lost faith in me. she lost faith in me, she never believed in me. i never believed in me. i felt her slip through my fingers. i lost her. they told my i was so much stronger, liars. i couldn't do it. can we find our way home?
Track Name: your best is an idiot
this hatred is fucking exhausting. i'll never be good enough for myself or anyone else. and i know that you will never look at me the same way i look at you. but your hands look so lonely, and i know mine could fill those empty spaces, but i don't think i ever stood a chance with someone as beautiful as you.