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by father figure

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Alexis Saxon
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Alexis Saxon It's very rare that I find a band that I like EVERY SONG by them. And you guys happen to be one of them. Hugs Favorite track: Dakota's Incredible Droopy Impression.


these songs were recorded when we recorded jumping off a building with michael briggs in february of 2013 i think. (

incredibly stoked to be putting them on a split with the far superior marcy from milwaukee. here's their side. (

breaking bad sample is owned by breaking bad.

that sweet photo was taken by our homie
matthew chevalier at meatspin 2
thank you!


released December 29, 2013



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father figure Denton, Texas

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Track Name: Dakota's Incredible Droopy Impression
miles: who's to say i won't realize my true potential? who's to say i can't make something of this life? i'm my own worst enemy. constantly defeated, i bring myself down.

parker: i'm my own worst enemy and i can't believe what i've become but i can't change a thing.
Track Name: I Think I'm Immune to Hangovers (Either That or I'm So Use to Feeling Like Shit It Goes Unnoticed)
parker: while we shared thoughts that we both would like to forget i was reminded of when we were together, the last time that i remember feeling happy. back when you hated yourself enough to think that i deserved to be with you. i can't believe you thought that i deserved to be with you. i promise i never wanted to see you cry, but as i watched the tears form in your eyes i thought that maybe you still cared about me. i think that's what confused me the most.